Telecoms make moves in linking to telehealth

AT&T’s Mobile Share tariff, which allows a family to share one data allocation (including voice and text) across multiple devices, will launch at the end of August–and AT&T is explicitly including health care monitors in press contacts. This not only follows on Verizon Wireless’ Share Everything plan but also AT&T’s alliance with VRI, with AT&T ForHealth and with reports of health devices being sold at AT&T retail stores. Mobile Health Live

Verizon Connected Healthcare is also working very hard to position themselves in the telemedicine (er, telehealth) area with 10-point releases like this which are dense with stats and points, but elusive as to what Verizon is actually doing to these ends. Stating that hospitals can reduce the estimated $31 billion in rehospitalization costs (NEHI) through telemedicine (sic) without further qualification is a bit of a stretch. Verizon Identifies 10 Most Promising Ways to Use Health IT to Enhance Patient Care, Reduce Costs (release)