Telecare technology with the weekly shopping

Funny how you spot one story (Winn-Dixie Supermarkets carrying Guardian Alert 911 Personal Emergency Response System 2 March) and three more come along. Click on the headlines for the links.
Shopper’s Home HealthCare store stocks Direct Alert
Press release from Canada. Note: if you follow this link to Direct Alert you’ll have an annoying animated character ‘welcoming’ you if you have your sound turned on.

Walgreens Ready Response Medical Alert System
US press release. Developed for Walgreen Co. by American Medical Alert Corp., the system will be offered at Walgreens stores in selected markets and nationally in the US through Walgreens web site.

Perhaps they have been reading articles like this from Dealerscope.
Behind the Counter: Retailers Should Monitor Digital Healthcare Market

So when is Tesco going to move in on telecare in the UK?