GE Healthcare acquires Living Independently Group (QuietCare Systems)

GE Healthcare announced today their acquisition of Living Independently Group (LIG), the New York-based originator and developer of the QuietCare telecare system.  This is a little over one year (September 2008) after GE had taken a minority ownership stake in LIG, including a co-marketing and development arrangement.  Financial terms were not disclosed.  Although QuietCare is part of GE’s Home Health business, the current distribution of QuietCare is largely within US assisted living communities.   GE also markets the Intel Home Health Guide within the US, along with a number of other resellers. GE press release

[Editors’ comments on this company that Telecare Aware has covered since early days.  Steve: It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the shadow of GE’s relationship with Intel in this market.  Donna: It will be interesting to see if GE redevelops the QuietCare technology for use in private homes–not only the original purpose of the system, but also to fit the trend of seniors, enabled by technology, staying in their private homes longer. Also interesting to see if international distribution develops and on what model:  LIG had some QuietCare distribution in UK and Netherlands, GE has a development project in Hungary.  Telecare Aware readers will be the first to know as we learn more.]

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  1. Disclosure
    While it’s in my bio, our readers should be directly aware that I was the Vice President, Marketing for Living Independently Group for three years, including the first seven months of the GE Healthcare investment.

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