Telecare in the press

Two related stories from the UK, followed by two from the US.

First, picking up on a briefing by the Building Research Establishment (BRE), both the Telegraph and Times featured telecare stories this week.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, the message has become slightly mangled: “At least £5 million of private and public money is being invested in the technology, which is being supported by the Department of Health’s Prevention [sic] Technology Grant.” (Telegraph)

Readers’ comments on the Times’ article indicate that the positives of the telecare message are easy to miss.

Telegraph: Computerised home care for elderly developed

Times: Elderly to be cared for by ‘clever homes’

Compare the above with the following two human-interest stories:

Monitoring device offers peace of mind

Brief, well-written item on telehealth monitoring. Daily News (Los Angeles)

Diabetic veteran uses new program, electronics to manage his health (US)

Excellent human-interest story describing one person’s experience of changing his diet as a result of telehealth monitoring. Gloucester Times.