Telecare Aware review of 2007

Pages from Telecare Aware were served up 50,300 times in 2007 in the course of 14,800 visits from 9,261 different visitors, 17% of whom visited more than 15 times.

Can digging into the statistics tell us anything about the concerns of those visitors? Other than the news items, top pages, were:

  • What is telecare? (2,155 views – partly due to its prominence in Google searches for ‘telecare’)
  • Useful Sites (1,083)
  • Video (813)
  • Events (726)

Many people use the category links in the right hand sidebar to search for stories tagged with those particular categories. Telecare stories came out top (636 searches), followed by telehealth (413), with UK Stories (391), New Product News (380) and Events/Courses close behind (353), with Telemedicine trailing after that (279).

The top Telecare Soapbox items were:

  • What’s wrong with the UK’s model of telecare? (352 views)
  • LTC demonstrator sites to kill off small telecare suppliers? (210)
  • When ‘Smart’ is not smart enough (185)
  • Tesco Telecare – How far away? (132)

Two news items made the top 25 views, again thanks to people coming straight from Google searches:

  • Tech bargains just a click away (a story about a US site for reselling equipment, with 258 views, but only 6 people followed the link to the site, so presumably most of those visitors were looking for something else)
  • Continua Alliance progress in the first year (231 views)

Because of the way the stories are shown on the front page it is not possible to tell which ones are most read. However, clicks on links to the source of the stories stand as some proxy for interest. Apart from exits to sources of multiple stories, such as press release services, the top exits were to:

  • (350 exits)
  • (252 exits, reflecting the interest in the briefly controversial Lancashire story)
  • The two governmental sites, (211) and (207)
  • The video production company (183)
  • And, reflecting the interest in dementia, (161)