Telecare Aware lucky dip

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Here’s a bran tub of stories with no other connection than that they are of interest, but maybe not enough to make a Telecare Aware item on their own.

Managing Long Term Conditions Conference 2008, Harrogate UK, 1 May

Whoever chose the irrelevant and somewhat disturbing picture on the home page?

European Congress on Health Tourism 2008, Munich, Germany 10 April

Health tourism ripe for telehealth? Contact me if you would like to be put in touch with a Spanish company that is ready to connect travellers and ex-pats with health providers.

Telemedicine in India

A portal site into developments there. (Thanks Tom Jones)

Wireless sensor-making is a snap

Follow the sequence of 6 pictures through to read the information.

Key Aspects of Technology, Products and Service for Helping those with Dementia

Interesting attempt to compare available telecare systems. Some readers may want to add comments.