Technology is the key to unlock healthcare cost savings (UK)

The title of this UK Times-related Raconteur item Technology is key to unlock healthcare cost savings sums up the UK establishment’s view on health monitoring technologies, even if critics in academia and the medical profession argue that this is still an assertion to be proved. However, the interest for Telecare Aware readers is its link to a 7-page publication with some interesting articles. Readers will also note that the first inside page is a whole-page advertisement for the 3ML initiative. Let’s hope it reaches a significant audience.

1 thought on “Technology is the key to unlock healthcare cost savings (UK)

  1. You have to read the Wellbeing advert and imagine it in a Spanish accent. Then not only do you forgive the poor proof reading but it adds an element of fun into the brochure.

    I actually enjoyed the read in between the advertising.

    I also admire Mr Patel but I feel if we are to truly sell these technologies we have to find more than one expert patient to testify to it. Those that are looking skeptically at Telehealth will recognise Mr Patel from the Kings Fund conference and elsewhere.

    The front cover could have done with a ‘Home’ label on it somewhere to show that is where we are directing more healthcare along with the kiosks, clinics (pop up and poly) etc.

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