Tablet wars #3: Friday 'soon the weekend' edition

Nokia-Microsoft ally, goodbye Symbian: The Nokia reorg announcement, anticipated with some element of Windows, still was a bit shocking to industry observers especially ex US where this really impacts. Nokia’s CEO sees adoption as joining a great mobile ecosystem and becoming the ‘third horse in the race’. ZDNet’s writers think the phone’s in the other hand–that the Redmond Boyz just bought themselves 20-30%+ global market share within three years for Windows 7. Nokia may also have opened a door into more US sales (enterprise as well) as a MS OEM and dump a reported headache in Symbian. Big winner: Microsoft. Living to see another year: Nokia. Hanging on: RIM. Losers: Google/Android. Had they been successful with Nokia, it would have been game over for RIM and Apple. ZDNet: Now a three-horse race, winners and losers, a ‘dream partnership.’ (written by a huge Win7 and Nokia fan), Intel under the bus 

Updated 14 Feb: TechRepublic on the Microsoft-Nokia deal, challenges and opportunities. ‘Why not Android’ and its consequences are speculated on here, as well as Nokia CEO Elop’s ties to Microsoft.

iPad2 in production, rivals stymied: The Motorola Xoom just coming out, HP yet to unveil plans, high return rates on the Galaxy Tab, Dell planning a 10″ tablet–as the Dell Streak 7 was eviscerated by the influential Walter Mossberg in the WSJ which will kill sales. Early reports indicate the iPad2 is everything the 1 should have been. ZDNet coverage. Android Honeycomb to save the day for next gen Android?

Verizon iPhone debuts, not a mob to be found. Again ZDNet covering the masses that never showed up at Apple’s stores in NYC and San Francisco. They must have all gone to Cairo. Why wait when if you’re a fan, you pre-ordered?