Supportive telehealth/telecare for individual with multiple chronic conditions (US)

How using a system that blends together telecare, telehealth and connectedness works with an older individual living at home with multiple chronic conditions (diabetes, Parkinsons and depression). A local Minneapolis (Minnesota) home care service, Sarah Care, worked with the local GrandCare installer to tailor a system that has motion sensors (normal movement through the home), med and eating reminders, blood pressure monitoring, a picture album and a simplified Skype-type two way video system that allows this gentleman to see his grandson playing basketball live. The family appears to be very engaged in his care and Mr. Thelen appears to be on the younger side (visibly partially disabled), but do note there is care management support here. Surprisingly it mentions brain wave monitoring for seizures which is logical but unusual in remote monitoring; something we’d like to know more about. KARE-11 Minneapolis (video may not work quite right).