Successful Testing of Integrated Sensium Platform Paves Way For Breakthrough Wireless Body Monitoring Applications (UK)

Oxford-based Toumaz Technology Limited has announced it has achieved a major commercial milestone with the delivery and successful testing of its integrated Sensium platform. It provides a solution to covering the ‘last metre’ and connects the mobile individual via any existing network to a healthcare provider via ‘digital plasters’. The platform incorporates an improved ultra-low power wireless transceiver, reconfigurable sensor interface and low power processor and memory on a single 4 x 4 mm chip. The new integrated systems are being made available to Toumaz’s healthcare and pharmaceutical customers for trials from the beginning of March. They allow the remote monitoring of vital signs and other bio-markers [interesting jargon] from mobile individuals in real-time, via standard PDAs, cellphones and USB-enabled computers. Powered by low-cost, low profile
batteries, one or more Sensium-enabled “digital plasters” can continuously monitor multiple key physiological parameters.

A good read for telecare futurology buffs.