Squashy Call Button (UK)

New to us, but apparently around for a couple of years, the Squashy Call Button is an air-operated sensor that makes it easy for someone with limited dexterity to trigger an alarm or other device. From Devon-based Frequency Precision, a company that specialises in supplying pressure mats and pager systems to individuals and care homes. Frequency Precision website.

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  1. Squashy Call Button

    Interesting discussion started by Keren Down MBE, in the Old Nabble forum triggered by this item.

    Note too John Hennock’s comment in the discussion, especially the part about vertical market protection. I heard just today about a small peripheral company with an interesting product that went out of business because a major UK manufacturer leaned on them because their base unit looked like one of theirs. Not having the resources to fight their case the two owner/inventors apparently lost their life’s savings.

    Forum discussion here.

  2. Squashy Call Button
    These have been around for a while now – can be connected to a Traditional Warden Call system via an Air Activated switch.
    You can purchase all the parts required from the likes of RS/Maplins.

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