SensorCare Systems offer to smart homes (UK)

Through Telecare Aware, SensorCare Systems Ltd are offering ‘smart homes’ and demonstration facilities around the UK long term loans of their award-winning technology for falls prevention. The system conprises a sensor panel beneath the mattress or chair cushion and an alarm unit that gives the carer an audible and visual alert that the bed or chair is being vacated. The signal can be relayed to a remote or a pager giving the carer more freedom. The system is tolerant of normal movement and alerts only when the person moves to the edge of the bed or chair.

SensorCare systems were selected for use in the REFINE study carried out at Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham. This independent research demonstrated a significant reduction in falls, reduced length of hospital stay, and a reduction in the number of falls related injuries.

For equipment loans or further information please contact Paula Matsikidze on
07980 992289 or by email on

Please forward this message to anyone you know involved with a smart home, telecare or equipment demonstration facility.

SensorCare Systems website.

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  1. Can the Sensorcare system be used in conjunction with a Homelink system to alert an agency such as Attendo that a client has attempted to get out of a bed or chair?

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