SeniorBridge: RPM and Skype (US)

SeniorBridge was founded in 2000 to provide integrated care to people with complex medical problems and to seniors who need assistance to stay healthy at home. According to an interview with its President and CEO Dr. Erik C. Rackow, the company uses wireless monitoring devices and data systems provided by CardioCom, Philips, VRI “and other technology partners so that we can provide the most appropriate and advanced monitors to fit the health profile of our client.” It also uses Skype voice and video conferencing for patient and caregiver communications. MedHealthWorld article.

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  1. Technology and home care
    Home care, which is labor and time intensive, has tended to adopt technology first for staff time and reporting management–not for care. Some agencies–mainly non-profits–have dipped tentative toes into telecare and telehealth (a study I’ve read reported that only 23% of agencies use any telehealth devices). This is the first I’ve read about a US home care agency aggressively integrating several telehealth devices–and Skype is a first–into care plans.

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