Self-service health kiosks rolling out (US)

Reaching out to people who would like to monitor their wellness or are concerned about health conditions, but are not going to be buying any of the ‘quantified self’ devices, appears to be the mission of SoloHealth and their free-to-user all-in-one kiosk which tests vision, blood pressure, weight, symptoms, BMI and overall health, plus access to local doctors and uploading reports to a personal account. Back in March 2011 [TA 3 Apr 11], automated retailer Coinstar invested in them, with Dell and insurer WellPoint adding stakes last August. FDA approved in June. SoloHealth’s pilot placements have largely been at retail outlets: Wal-Mart, Safeway, Publix, CVS, Sam’s Club and Schnuck’s Markets. This month, they will be rolling out nationwide with Sam’s Club (warehouse club retail arm of Wal-Mart). Their revenue model is based on selling advertising at the kiosk, which is highly visible on the floor. Health-screening kiosks from SoloHealth rolling out in Sam’s Clubs (Stone Hearth News)