Scottish telecare benchmarking report demonstrates significant savings

Tucked away on the sidebar of the Scottish Joint Improvement Team’s telecare webpage, is a link to a ‘benchmarking report’ published in February 2008. You can download the report here.

Thanks to Ali Rogan, Tunstall’s Marketing Director, for the heads-up on this one. She points out that the report highlights:

  • £2.9 million estimated verifiable savings as a result of the telecare development programme, taken from the quarterly returns from 13 partnerships in Scotland
  • savings for first 6 months of 2007/08
  • 1800 hospital days saved, includes early supported discharge
  • 66 avoided delayed discharges and 140 hospital admissions avoided
  • 1,300 additional people maintained in their own homes with support
  • 1,250 nights of sleepover care saved
  • 107,000 home check visits saved
  • 6,900 care home bed days saved
  • telecare in Scotland will save £43m by 2010