Safer Walking Technology Scheme – Westminster, UK

Not sure how I managed to miss this article from the Times Online in March, but better late than… Westminster Council, in Central London, is to make the buddi tracking device available to each of its 1,900 residents with dementia. Dementia patients to be tracked by GPS satellite device. Great photo of a person who uses the device, Desmond Innis, aged 78, who looks very comfortable with his inner teenager. (Ref: Soapbox item.)

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  1. Westminster Safer Walking

    Steve, I just wanted to point out that Westminster are also offering the Vega to all of their residents with dementia giving the choice of system to the resident and carer. I think the picture of the particular resident with the Buddi has influenced your summary as Wesmtinster’s press release only says that they are offering safer walking technology as oppposed to a particular system.

    [Thanks for pointing that out. Ed. Steve]

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