Round-up of some essential UK telecare resources

I’ve tended to assume (always a dangerous thing!) that most TelecareAware readers are familiar with these essential telecare information resources. Although they are UK-focused, they have information that readers in other countries will find useful. Here they are in case they have slipped past you:

Care Services Improvement Partnership (CSIP). The main Government-funded source for in-depth telecare resources for England. Worth keeping an eye on as older information is updated from time to time. The monthly CSIP Telecare Newsletter is also posted (and archived) here.

Scottish Executive Health Department’s Joint Improvement Team. Source of official information on Scotland’s National Telecare Development Programme. Includes downloads of the Sottish Telecare Guidance.

Welsh Assembly Government, Social Services Improvement Agency (SSIA). Thin site (unless there is a lot more in the private area for members of the Wales Telecare Learning Improvement Network) but includes information on the Welsh Telecare Capital Grant.

NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency (PASA). Telecare section of PASA’s site has all the publicly available details on the National Framework Agreement for Telecare.