'Right meds at right time' dispenser

Pre-filled multi-day medication boxes (versus large dispensers meant for an external service area) are becoming increasingly common both in the community and individual home setting, but there is always the risk of an individual’s confusion in taking more than one day’s dose, or the medications all at once versus at the right time. MedMinder’s Jon model, a new seven-day wireless M2M dispenser, can be controlled by the caregiver through their monitoring website to let the individual access only the correct compartment and also at the correct dosage time. It has reminders (beeps, phone calls, emails or text messages) and notes when the compartments have been accessed, similar to its existing Maya model. Their website feature page has a brochure link, but it is for the Maya, not the Jon, model. Editor Donna also finds interesting their payment model of no upfront cost and a monthly fee. (Note to MedMinder’s marketers/general counsel: ‘medminder’ is becoming a generic term for dispensers–the MedMinder team is well advised to register their trade name.) Website release (mind the typos)  Also noted is that Bosch is using MedMinder with its HealthBuddy and T400 programs.