RFID/mobile phone for medication compliance test

New York-based Nyack Hospital is evaluating a telemonitoring system which combines RFID smart labels with cell phones to monitor medication adherence in discharged heart failure patients. In the Nyack study, Leap of Faith Technology’s (!) eMedonline system equips medication packaging with an RFID inlay to collect and transmit medication data to a patient’s phone in real time to help verify patients are taking their medication.  The data then moves to a secure server for analysis and alert generation.   From their website, ‘eMedonline automatically collects time-dose specific data for individual patients—including dosing times, missed doses, and outcomes data—in real time from a single device.’  If this works as stated, it might mean that there’s a lot less need for ‘tattletale pills’.   RFID News.  Nyack Hospital release