Report: Workforce Development for Assisted Living Technology (ALT) (UK)

A catch-up on a report (missed in May) that has implications for the UK’s telecare supply workforce: Workforce Development for Assisted Living Technology (ALT): understanding roles, delivery and workforce needs. Centre for International Research on Care, Labour and Equalities (CIRCLE), University of Leeds. “This report, commissioned by Skills for Care, sets out the findings of case studies of three local authorities (Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council; Kent County Council; and the London Borough of Lambeth), all of which are offering assisted living services (ALS) through different delivery approaches. It examines the implications of ALT and ALS for workforce development, providing information and knowledge which can contribute to the development of a more strategic approach to support learning and development in the social care sector.”

2 thoughts on “Report: Workforce Development for Assisted Living Technology (ALT) (UK)

  1. Just so everybody knows – there is more to assisted living technologies than just monitored systems.

    There is a lot of technology that assists people to live as independently as possible that can assist at a point when the person just requires ‘something’ to help but without the need for any other intervention.

    These technologies ease the way for when monitored technologies are needed further on down the line.

  2. Mike,

    I totally agree with your comments and these have been included in the research from my end anyway (STAY – Sandwell).

    Around half of our new installations each year are stand alone technologies as opposed to Telecare technologies that are moniotored by 3rd parties.

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