Replacement people (US and Japan)

Hot on the heels of the Swedish Giraff, is QB from California. We need a new term for these remotely-controlled, self-mobile, videoconferencing devices that take the place of a person’s physical presence and I think we may have it. On the second video of the QB webpage, Anybots COO Bob Christopher refers to creating a ‘remote presence’. Anybots: Robotic Teleconferencing on Wheels.

And, while we are on the subject of replacement people: Robot Priest Marries Couple in Japan.

Heads-up thanks to Bob Pyke and Anthea Tinker respectively.

New 20 May [Ed.–Donna] On the other end of the size continuum, nanoscale robots that ‘walk’ along DNA and are programmed to identify cancer cells, create new devices….The Rise of Molecular Robots (SmartPlanet)