Real innovation: 'don't look at apps, look at entire systems'

  • Don’t go for simple incremental innovation if you can be bold and disruptive
  • Don’t look at mHealth, look at mobility in healthcare
  • Don’t look at apps, look at entire systems

HIT thinker Shahid Shah, CEO of Netspective and CTO/architect/advisor in organizations as diverse as Cardinal Health, the American Red Cross and the Federal Office of Management and Budget, dishes out some advice to those who want to get their systems or apps into hospitals, physician practices and in general, adopted. Mr. Shah points developers to what they should be thinking about before development: eight problems that need solving, ‘five Cs of opportunity identification’ and examples, before moving to the advice above. There’s more advice on what makes for a successful product, why healthcare businesses buy and defining your customer. There’s even a Gartner hype curve to close it. Article includes slides from his 16 November talk at the Vanderbilt Healthcare Conference. From HealthWorks Collective, What’s Next for HealthCare Information Technology Innovation? PDF link.