PASA NFA for Telecare 2008 review results published

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The result of PASA’s 2008 review of the UK’s National Service Framework Agreement for Telecare is published today.

The headlines are:

  • Introduction of 145 new product lines
  • Introduction of 125 new service lines
  • Introduction of 89 new equipment/service packages
  • Removal of 447 discounted products/service lines
  • Revised pricing for 674 product/service lines
  • Upgraded/enhanced product/service offerings for 15 existing lines
  • Withdrawal of ProWellness as one of the participating suppliers from the NFA
  • Potential savings in the region of £4.1 million can be achieved for the public sector using the NFA when the new products/services and prices become available from 1 April. This is in addition to the ongoing savings of £9.2 million recorded already through the telecare NFA since its launch in June 2006
  • Introduction of four additional sub-contractor relationships
  • Introduction of a intra-telecare NFA relationship between Tunstall and SeniorLink Eldercare

The details, including a spreadsheet listing all the product and service changes, including the items suspended for not meeting the European Harmonised Standard, can be downloaded here.