Former Ontario eHealth boss resurfaces in California

Almost two years after she left as boss of eHealth Ontario in a politically damaging scandal, Sarah Kramer has a new job in California. This scandal is not a story we followed in Telecare Aware as it was mostly of local interest rather than offering insights for everyone else. However, this follow-up possibly does. [It would also make a good item for TANN: Canada and TANN: California sites if we had editors for them…] Former eHealth boss resurfaces in U.S. from Toronto Star/The Spec.

3 thoughts on “Former Ontario eHealth boss resurfaces in California

    1. Hi Maria,

      That’s an interesting response! As I said in the item, we didn’t cover the original scandal, big though it was, and one that still seems to stir up lots of anger in Canada and which has given eHealth a bad name in many circles there. For more background on that particular one, see this Wikipedia item.

      However, as an industry-oriented site, we do have an interest in procurement matters and the damaging effects of deviating from normal processes. In a fast-moving field such as this there is pressure to achieve quickly which can lead to substantial problems. (The opposite is also true, as we have seen with the lengthy Northern Ireland Remote Monitoring Service process). When procurement goes awry money is wasted and benefits are undermined.

      Well, that was my reason for posting it, but what do other readers think? Maybe I didn’t make the right call.

  1. I think you made a reasonable call in this instance, Steve. Although this scandal was confined to Ontario it has subsequently had a significant impact on the deployment of eHealth across all of Canada because Ontario is the largest province and is frequently regarded as a model in terms of public perception. One consequence is that procurement policies have been tightened up which may, in retrospect, be regarded as a valuable outcome.

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