Old age + new tech = business innovation?

Dr. Joseph Coughlin of MIT’s AgeLab ‘big thinks’ about the combination, and how it lacks an Apple-like ‘ecosystem’ to knit it together and make it easier to access for a wider audience. Comments below this article discuss some strategies to create appeal and current real world progress. Ed. Donna (@deetelecare) weighs in on the Four Big Questions (who pays, how much, who receives the data, who actions it) plus a POV from the payer side and how tech is not much of a priority in the ’52-card-pickup’ of developing workable patient-centered medical homes (PCMH) and accountable care organizations (ACO) models. It’s the Services Stupid! Transforming Old Age & New Technology Into Business Innovation. Related reading: Laurie Orlov’s Age in Place Tech article, casting a gimlety eye on the (lack of appeal) of tablets and e-readers to older adults.