Object lessons in telehealth promotion

Two stories that show how a supplier’s need to promote itself can be best met by being genuinely informative.

Remote ECG Telemedicine System Supports Urgent Treatment Centre (UK)

“The service has already proven effective in saving lives. Recently, when a patient attended [Bridgwater Community Hospital] having fallen and sustained a fractured wrist, the nurse practitioner identified a slow heart rate and performed a 12 lead ECG, which indicated a profound bradycardia with heart block. Broomwell’s service confirmed the ECG as a complete heart block and the patient was transferred directly to the acute hospital’s coronary care unit for pacing. Without this service and the astute observation of the nurse practitioner the heart block could possibly have been overlooked with potentially devastating outcomes. Full story from Wireless Healthcare [URL “http://www.wirelesshealthcare.co.ukRemoveThisFromTheUrl/wh/news/wk24-07-0005.htm” is reported by Google to be compromised by malware, 16 March 2015].

Telehealth provides daily monitoring (US)

“I am a nurse but I don’t live close by,” granddaughter Koreina Franklin said. “…That Telehealth contact makes sure she is taking her blood pressure. It is almost like having a nurse in the home. She used to call me and I would go over there. My mom and dad both work full time jobs and I have a busy young family. This unit makes it so much easier. We don’t worry about my grandmother nearly as much. Only in dire circumstances does Amedisys contact the doctor’s office.”
Full story from Van Buren Press Argus-Courier.