NHS PASA reviews National Framework Agreement and announces products and suppliers added to it

The NHS PASA press release about its first review of the NFA reveals 10 new suppliers as subcontractors, the introduction of 958 new individual equipment lines, 118 new equipment packages and 216 new services/service packages, and savings of between 10 and 14 percent as a result of the agreement.

It will come as a surprise some in the industry that Viterion, the US telehealth company whose equipment is used by Kent County Council stays on as a subcontractor to TBS GB. So do their products now meet PASA’s CE marking requirements? (See update 18 April 2007: http://www.telecareaware.com/2007/18/04/viterion-products-and-ce-marking/ )
The additions to the list of sub-contractors are:
Alertacall (via Docobo)
Choose Independence (via Initial Attendo)
Eclipse Nursecall Systems (via Invicta)
Testway Housing (via Invicta)
Europ Assistance Holdings Ltd (via TBS GB)
Health Insight Solutions (via TBS GB)
Nottingham Rehab Supplies (for wellness data services only)(via Vivatec)
T+ Medical Telehealth Solutions (via Vivatec)
Bosch Care Solutions (via Wealdon & Eastbourne)
Rother Homes Ltd (via Wealdon & Eastbourne)

The release also notes new alliances between existing companies on the NFA.

The press release also contains statistics and other information relating to the agreement. Download it here.

Quick overview of the NFA.

Last week’s Centre for Evidence-based Purchasing Conference presentation by PASA includes some of the selection criteria (such as the CE marking for ‘medical devices’) and argues the benefits of the NFA in terms of saved cost to the nation. Find it by scrolling down to near the bottom of the page.

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