NHS Direct to be 'scrapped' within lifetime of BSFA

In an apparently bungled announcement the UK’s relatively new Secretary of State for Health let it be known this week that the generally popular phone and online health information service NHS Direct is to be ‘scrapped’ or, more exactly subsumed into a new service, NHS 111. For Telecare Aware readers, the aspect of note is that this will fall within the period covered by the first phase of the BS Telecare, Telehealth and Telecoaching framework agreement, on which NHS Direct is a significant presence. [Although the question of the appropriateness of its place raised by a TA reader has not been answered. TA item – scroll down to comment #12.] NHS Direct news item from The Independent.

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  1. NHS Direct
    Confusion seems to reign over the ending of NHS Direct. What is ending? When? What will be kept? What will be “replaced”? This is all very worrying if it is a pointer towards the Government’s handling of the much bigger changes to the NHS that are afoot.

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