Next moves for Scotland's telecare rollout

Scotland’s Communities Minister Malcolm Chisholm yesterday confirmed the £8 million investment in telecare by the Scottish Executive.

Interestingly, with 75,000 people expected to benefit, this equates to £106 per head – approximately one fifth of the amount allowed English councils by the Preventative Technology Grant and just over one tenth being allowed in Wales (see Kevin Doughty’s Soapbox article). Considering that a thorough implementation project will probably cost nearer to £1,000 per head when all non-kit costs are taken into account, is this an exapmle of the Scots’ legendary…thirft, or has someone negotiated a very good deal with suppliers? Or maybe the additional costs are being shifted to the councils?

Here’s a selection of media stories on the announcement based on the official press release:
The Herald. Scheme will let 75,000 old people stay at home.
The Scotsman’s Edinburgh News: Panic button scheme to give frail OAPs vital independence. (Terrible headline!)
BBC news item: Home alarms to help older people.