Safety product: Automist – Affordable domestic fire sprinkler alternative

Will the Automist device (video below) become a standard addition to telecare (plesiocare?) providers’ product offerings? However they incorporate it into their business models (via referral commissions or as an accredited installer?), the device is an interesting proposition for them and for care homes too.

“Automist is a sprinkler-alternative for full room active fire protection, which offers freedom and flexibility to provide modern, contemporary, open-plan residential layouts whilst still complying with Building Regulations, the RRFSO and keeping occupants safe. Automist was extensively tested by BRE and is bringing active fire protection to homes where previously it was cumbersome or impractical.” It won a James Dyson Award in 2009 and the company is looking for international resellers.

1 thought on “Safety product: Automist – Affordable domestic fire sprinkler alternative

  1. Yes – definitely the right sort of support for someone who could have an accident in the kitchen or for someone who smokes in their own home. Ideal for telecare or for plesiocare – but the telecare version could be the more effective (and the one that avoids false activations) if the mist system was operated through the dispersed alarm unit by the call handler at the monitoring centre following an alarm from a heat detector or smoke sensor.

    Perhaps the time has come to have more actuators controlled by the monitoring centre; these could include water shut-off valves to prevent floods, window openers to avoid suffocation, warning sounds to deter intruders, and oil-filled radiators to avoid people getting cold.

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