New Lattitude system home cardiac monitor – too much lattitude?

Boston Scientific Corporation and GE have been trumpeting the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s recent approval of the BSC’s LATITUDE┬« 2.0 “the first and only remote monitoring system to provide clinicians with direct device data integration capability into GE’s Centricity Electronic Medical Record.” (Read the press release.) However, scroll to the bottom of the LATITUDE webpage and read the Important Safety Information, which says “If…the Communicator is unplugged or is not able to connect to the LATITUDE system through an active phone line…Up to 2 weeks may go by before clinic is told that data from your device has not been accessed.” So you could have no pulse for two weeks before someone notices?

2 thoughts on “New Lattitude system home cardiac monitor – too much lattitude?

  1. How stupid can you be, this program isn’t meant for people having problems like being dead for two weeks. It’s about people like me that are doing good with their device and have to travel 3 hours to have my device checked every 3 months, now I would only have to go ONCE A YEAR. This device and Boston Scientific/Guidant have my full backing, I was just signed up for the program yesterday.

  2. It’s great that the program will save you so much travelling. I’m all for that. I just struck me as odd when I read the press release that, when computers constantly scan health monitoring systems, it can take so long for an absence of communication to be picked up. It’s just a small point and the suppliers will do something about that, hopefully.

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