More on Telefónica's telehealth and telecare ambitions

As more information on Telefónica’s recent ‘global e-health’ announcement [here and here] is coming to light, the extent of its ambition to become the dominant e-health player in the countries in which it has networks is starting to sink in. Let’s hope that as it progresses its plans Telefonica does not get so wedded to the technology of the ‘big name’ equipment providers that the lighter-on-their-feet small technology companies get squeezed out, and millions of users become saddled with clunky kit. If I ran one of those small companies I’d be knocking on Telefónica’s door right now.

Most revealing item so far: an interview with Álvaro Fernández de Araoz of Telefónica in Global Telecoms Business. Read it carefully.

For a business analyst’s take on Telefónica’s interest in the market, read Charlie Davies of the Ovum consultancy. [Hat tip to MobiHealthNews]