Mobisante's portable ultrasound profiled

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mobisanteThe Mobisante handheld ultrasound device, which features a pocket-sized probe that connects via USB to a smartphone–a first–is featured in MIT’s Technology Review. Co-founded by David Zar and Microsoft alumnus Sailesh Chutani, it is currently beta testing in nine locations and won one of this year’s ‘Best Mobile Healthcare Device’ awards at the Mobile Health Expo. So far funding has remained lean; according to the article 40% self-funded and 60% funding from potential customers like community clinics and hospitals which find their $5000-10,000 price tag–20% of the cost of a standard ultrasound–appealing.  Awaiting FDA approval to go to market next year.  Ultrasound gets more portable. NEWCNN 4 minute interview with Sailesh Chutani.