Minnesota Workgroup proposes recommendations to enable access to telehealth services

Reported on the Portland-based Association of Telehealth Service Providers, this story is interesting (apart from the planned investment angle) in that there is no clue as to whether the Minnesota e-Health Advisory Committee mean ‘teleheath’ in the sense of ‘remote patient monitoring’, ‘telemedicine’ or the sense that Ontario uses ‘telehealth’, which is for an NHS Direct-type patient phone service.

The above Association’s website has an ‘About Telemedicine and Telehealth’ page which is clearly telemed-focused, but says ‘Recently, the term telehealth has risen as a favorable expansion upon the word telemedicine; telehealth includes non-clinical services such as medical education or research.’

So there is clearly an emerging difference in the use of the terms between the US and UK. There is also a ‘Telemedicine Glossary’ on the site which readers may like to explore.