mHealth featured on '60 Minutes' (US)

In last night’s ’60 Minutes’ (US-CBS) profile piece on Marty Cooper, the developer of the Motorola DynaTAC ‘brick’ cell phone while he was their corporate director, R&D 37 years ago, reporter Morley Safer segues gracefully into where cell phone technology is going. ¬†Cooper, a fitness buff, speaks extensively about medical applications–especially how wireless sensors can be constantly monitoring for health information, how this information can be proactive and how much more valuable this is versus the ‘almost worthless’ annual physical. He’s viewed touring CTIAWireless two months ago in Las Vegas and visiting Montage Systems–also featured are Qualcomm, MedApps, CardioNet and Gentag. Edited video (YouTube) and below (2:06) Full segment (CBS News) Thank you Kent Dicks of MedApps for the heads up.

Cooper did well for himself post-Motorola, founding or co-founding Cellular Business Systems, ArrayComm and the very successful Jitterbug simplified cell phone targeted to older adults.