….and a backpack sized brain scanner

This editor’s WOW of the day:  a brain scanner that fits inside a backpack, can operate on the battlefield in desert heat, processes huge amounts of electro-physiological data and can send its readings anywhere.   It’s being developed by Sensorium Inc. and is in testing by the US Army’s Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC) at Ft. Detrick and at the Uniformed Services University.  According to the company president, John E. Kimura, “We’ve essentially shrunk brain imaging down to a cap you mount on your head, a box the size of a shoebox and a computer with Internet” sent to a neurologist’s computer anywhere in the world.  Not quite indestructible, but it’s designed to withstand rain, desert heat and possibly a fall from a moving truck.  Plus a 12 hour battery, twice my netbook’s.  Article.