Will the Google phone(s) take the (healthcare app) pie?

As the Android OS for mobile phones seizes market share in record time (20% of mobile ad traffic) via T-Mobile and its hit debut with Verizon–and it looks like there will be an unlocked GSM Google Phone (rumored name: Nexus One–‘hacker report’ 16 Dec on specs from Fast Company) on the market by January 2010, this article contemplates a medical/health application boom.  It seems that Google is a lot friendlier and less arbitrary to app developers than Apple has been.  Since good apps like AirStrip OB are available on iPhone (CNN Health), the Android/Google Phone competition can only bring out the best in both, and spread the usage of health apps.  Whither RIM and Blackberry?  Mike Ahmadi on The Emancipation Approach


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