Mediagrids' ambition: an end to multiple telecare base units (UK)

At the Telecare Services Association’s Telecare and Telehealth conference in Cardiff yesterday Mediagrids announced that its ‘CareMATE Online’ teleconferencing system works with Medic4all wireless blood pressure monitors and Initial Intellilink Executive community alarms, thus demonstrating a significant step towards Mediagrids’ avowed aim to do away with the need for telecare/telehealth users to have multiple base units in their homes. The CareMATE Online can be owned, managed and used by small care teams as well as large care centres.

Mediagrids believes that developing an open platform upon which third party devices can work means saving asset costs for carers, care services and primary care trusts. Rob Bijkerk, CEO of Mediagrids said “We hope to show that there is no need for many care units sitting in your home communicating independently of each other to different agencies.”

CareMATE Online website.