Mayo Clinic study proves effectiveness of mobile stroke imaging

The September issue of Stroke (American Heart Association) has published a study validating the use of a smartphone app for use in viewing CT scans of stroke victims. The viewing application tested was Calgary Scientific’s ResolutionMD, and the study of 53 patients compared the level of agreement of brain CT scan interpretations through ResolutionMD to radiologists using traditional desktop-based PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System). The ResolutionMD images were in agreement, with 95% confidence, with the radiologists using PACS and independent adjudicators. Also impressive was the ability to diagnose patients 24% faster with the app, saving an average of 11 minutes per patient over sending data for review on a PACS workstation–in stroke, every second counts. Mayo study proves value…(mHIMSS) Calgary’s press release Complete study (PDF)