1 thought on “Man charged with neglect for cutting off care alarms

  1. The sad thing about this story is that it is inevitable if technology is deployed without due care. When I use to nurse, I remember only too well that certain patients would have their buzzers disconnected as they constantly were buzzing for attention. When this decision was taken, which happened on a number of occasions that I can recall, the people were warned about their behaviour many times and once disconnected the nurses ensured that they made more regular checks to ensure that the people were not in any danger. The increase in attention meant that the person often stopped ringing the buzzers as their needs were being dealt with on a more regular basis. I should add this was many, many years ago and staff to patient rations were a lot higher than they are today. Yet it is inconceivable that this event will not be repeated as allowing people to call for assistance means they will call for it. You cannot say “here is a button to call for help only use it when you are dying”. I think that this story highlights considerable apparent neglect, but also does highlight the dilemma associated with using technology as a support tool.

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