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Nine months after the Preventative Technology Grant became available in England, there has been a run of local news items about telecare services and developments. Presumably this reflects the time it takes to get schemes going in councils – so what happened in the ten months between the announcement of the grant and when the money became available? Ah well, water under the bridge!

We have to assume that the the local news stories reflect the information given to it by the councils. Browse the following and judge the variation in quality for yourself. In no particular order:





Gravesham (Kent)


If you know of others, I’ll be happy to recieve a link. Click here to email me or post them as a comment. (UPDATE: See comment for some more stories)

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  1. This is great stuff Steve. There surely is a diversity amongst how well people are using telecare currently. I also thought I would add a couple of interesting links to look at. The first is concerns the recent evaluation of telecare in Doncaster:

    The second concerns the over enthusiasm of using technology without allwing people to be included in the equation. I shouold state I do not think that the technology provider in this instance is wholey to blame but it makes one think

    If you have difficulty accessing these please contract me ot check out a powerpoint I did recently that has the essence of both in it.


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