Telemedicine in India

We haven’t seen much from India in spreading telemedicine domestically, but here is a report about a small innovative company called KTwo Technology in Bangalore.  Their everyday products are a Bluetooth accessory for car stereos and a voice-recognition headset. But they have already developed (with Intel technology–video) a remote pathology delivery system called CytoSight, which captures impressions of a pathology sample from the microscope and makes it available to a pathologist/physician situated elsewhere.  They are testing it in four public health centres in Gadag and Bagalkot districts, with the objective being reduction of malaria deaths that occur in rural areas due to diagnosis delay.  Indian Express article. KTwo website.
[Useful video to help visualise the technology. It’s interesting that Intel doesn’t seem to have linked them up with the company producing the CellScope, which has also been produced in association with Intel. Steve]