Kiss of death for telehealth in the UK?

Because the NHS is so dear to the heart of British people, it is not difficult for Secretaries of State for Health who try to improve it to become unpopular. Holding that office has blighted numerous ministerial and political careers. Virginia Bottomley (1992-95) and Alan Milburn (1999-03) are just two that spring to mind. But the present Secretary of State, Andrew Lansley, with his current ‘NHS reforms’ has trumped them all in the hate-figure stakes. Anything he endorses is therefore likely to become a toxic topic and viewed with suspicion and scepticism – especially if he says it will improve the NHS. With Lansley on its side the telehealth industry does not need enemies. Guardian report of a conference speech: Andrew Lansley looks to telehealth and 111 to support NHS change.

UPDATE 13:15 See how GP Online continues to spin telehealth negatively, this time concerning the WSD results: Telehealth cuts deaths but fails to save NHS costs, study finds.