Kings Fund WSD update and DH WSD leaflet

Published this week, the next few King’s Fund WSD articles. The first is a description of the WSD in Cornwall and the second, most interesting item, is the announcement of a ‘WSDAN evidence database‘. At last – a really useful contribution to the telehealth / telecare field.

And published yesterday…

the UK’s Department of Health’s Whole System Demonstrators (WSD) Programme overview leaflet.

Curiously, for something that is only available in electronic form, it looks very print oriented with lots of pictures and is a size that would be difficult to print on a standard office printer. Like most DH PDF documents it will not open in your browser, so you will have to download it before you can read it. It’s also a bit of a mystery who the target audience is… At first it looks like the leaflet is for the general public, but are they interested in the detail? Then it looks like it may be for clinical staff – because of the detail – but will clinical staff who are already recruited for the trials be interested? Get the leaflet here.