Hull's Telehealth Institute (UK)

Did you know that the City of Hull has a Telehealth Institute?

According to an EU project proposal1, it has. However, it appears that someone over-egged it a bit because, from what I can find on the internet, such an institute has been under discussion for years2, and the discussions are still continuing. However, in the meantime, it appears that Hull has been moving on the telehealth front: a paper to the PCT in January 2009 set out a possible telehealth strategy3 that looks pretty good to me. In fact, I can think of a few places that might want to crib from it.

  1. Silver Economy Network of European Regions (Scroll down to INDEPENDENT – ICT Enabled Service Integration for Independent Living, etc)
  2. Report to [Hull City Council] Cabinet 23rd April 2007 seeking support for the proposed institute. (PDF)
  3. Joint Health and Social Care eHealth Programme January 2009. (PDF)

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  1. Hull’s Telehealth Institute

    Hull hasn’t got an Institute of Telehealth yet, though one is still proposed. There has been a lot of progress in relation to Telehealth and Telecare in Hull over the last few years.

    A two-year project to develop services further – funded by the University of Hull – has recently commenced. An update on the progress of this project and other developments within Hull and Humber can be found on the project’s webpages at

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