Nowhere to hide when FDA and HIT collide

As you might know, this is the 7th in a series of 8 planned articles, as follows:

1. FDA may regulate certain mobile phones, accessories
2. Step-by-step: FDA wireless health regulation
3. How to get FDA to clear a mobile health app
4. Should mhealth companies welcome FDA regulation?
5. Strategies for avoiding FDA regulation of your cell phone and apps
6. Washington signals possible FDA regulation of mHealth
7. The freedom users have to modify device systems and software
8. The future of FDA mhealth regulation

In the upcoming 8th article of the series, I tackle the future of FDA regulation of mHealth, including:

1. Where FDA appears to be heading
2. Where industry would like to go
3. The open issues that need to be tackled
4. How the Obama Administration and Congress might affect the balance
5. The prospect for dialogue

MobilHealthNews has decided to republish the full series of 8 articles as a book that will be a free download. I hope you have found this series useful.


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  1. Cardiac monitoring competition
    It will be interesting to see how this affects the mounting competition between cardiac monitoring companies such as Cardiolabs. Some competitors that planned for mHealth Phone apps may find themselves out of luck.

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