Hft in awards finals for 'Personalised Technology' (UK)

Hft (previously known as Home Farm Trust) is a UK charity that supports people with learning disabilities in numerous ways, including in small residential homes. According to its website it has been making big efforts to use assistive technology (in its broad sense – and they like to call it ‘personalised technology‘) to help people live their lives more independently. They have been so successful that they are in the running for two national awards: Best Use of Technology in the Independent Healthcare Awards 2010 and National eWell-Being Awards 2010. Hft info on the awards. As part of its technology initiative Hft has been using Tunstall’s CareAssist system (which was introduced at last November’s TSA conference) to link telecare sensors to the on-site carers rather than to route calls through a call centre. Tunstall press release. (PDF)