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PatientView, which is described in this article as ‘the major specialist in the mapping of patient groups and their activities’ has created The European Directory of Health Apps 2012-2013. For 200 apps recommended by consumer groups and patient advocates, it summarizes key facts (description, OS, cost, link to where available, recommenders). Sponsored by European Health Forum Gastein (Austria), EngageHealth, Novo Nordisk, Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline. New Europe Online.

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  1. Last year you were kind enough to publicise our publication the European Directory of Health Apps. The publication has now been updated and re-launched as an international online facility: We would be most grateful if you could include this update on your website.

    About :

    1. All of the initial 307 apps appearing on the site have been selected by 456 distinct patient groups, disability groups or empowered consumers as their favourite apps. The reviews from these groups are supplied for each app, as well as weblinks to the groups themselves.

    2. unique ‘heart’-rating system. The health apps on the site have been allocated ‘heart’ ratings, according to the extent that each app exhibits 5 consumer/patient needs (weighted according to level of importance). These 5 qualities are attributes that patients and the public look for from their health apps, as determined by a 2013 PatientView study of 250 patient, disability and consumer groups from 16 countries around the world. People’s requirements from health are:
    • Give people more control over their condition (or keep them healthy)
    • Easy to use
    • Can be used regularly
    • Allow networking with other people like them (or with people who understand them)
    • Trustworthy.

    27 of the 307 health apps included in the initial version of the website gain a top ‘heart’ rating of 5 out of 5. is opening with 307 featured apps. This number will be increased every month to include other favourite apps from patient groups, disability groups or empowered consumers

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