Halton & St Helens PCT deploys telehealth for patients

Halton & St Helens PCT deploys telehealth for patients. Template Tunstall press release. In fact it looked so familiar I had to double check the date and the archives to see it it were a truly new story.

[While thinking about Tunstall, I see they have been flirting with the idea of a blog, although three test posts in three months doesn’t indicate much enthusiasm. Actually, I first thought this might be an example of cyber-squatting, seeing that anyone with a Google account can set up a blog on Blogger using any domain name they like (other companies please note!) However, would a squatter bother to copy and load up the Tunstall logo and propagate its tagline without introducing a subtle twist? I think not. So it’s the genuine thing, a Tunstall blog. Steve]

UPDATE Fri 15th: Access to the Tunstall blog has been denied to non-invited readers, so you won’t be able to see the test posts.

UPDATE Fri 5 Feb: Tunstall’s blog now live, with content from their press releases. Blog home page.


1 thought on “Halton & St Helens PCT deploys telehealth for patients

  1. Danger of company blogs

    Given the ease with which anyone can cybersquat a company name on free blogging platforms* and can start posting damaging material and get it listed in search engine results, companies should be taking action.

    The least they should do is claim ‘their’ space by being the first to create a blog using the company name. It is not necessary to use the blog. Just point any causal visitors to your company’s principal site. (See my example: http://www.telecareaware.blogspot.com/) The point is that the names are then no longer available for other people to use.

    Think it can’t be done? Check: http://www.gehealthcare.blogspot.com/ Wink

    In fact, you may want to create several such blogs with variations.

    One further tip. If you do not want people to find your blog while it is in preparation, turn off the ability for search engines to find it until you are ready.

    Finally, if you are thinking of actually running a company blog and need some help to work through the issues or just to set it up, talk to your webmaster. Or me.

    * e.g. Blogger.com, WordPress.com, TypePad.com

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