Everon combines GPS safer walking with nurse call system (UK)

In another impressive development, Everon, the supplier of the Vega GPS Safer Walking System (which announced a significant increase in battery life last week) and which also has a nurse call system, has linked the two to give care home residents more freedom than previously possible. According to the press release, “until now nurse call systems have ceased to be effective at the care home or hospital door, meaning that residents were not protected where they might be most vulnerable, when going out for a walk. This can lead to exercise being restricted due to the lack of staff available to accompany them or the alternative, an increase in staff costs…when indoors, alerts from residents have an indoor location position based on the position of nearest Everon base stations, a feature lacking in many traditional nurse call systems. Once the wearer moves outdoors, the system automatically switches to using GPS and mobile phone technology.” More information: Everon first to combine GPS safer walking technology with nurse call system. (PDF)
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